How is the under-allocation field in Allocations page and Team page calculated?


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There is a field called "Under-allocation" in the following pages. We want to know the logic behind the numbers shown against this field.

1. Home -> Resource -> {Specific Resource record} -> Allocations {tab}
2. Home -> Projects -> {Specific Project record} -> Team {tab}


Version: 15.9.1


Following is the logic that is governing the under-allocation field:

1. Calculate the total working days in a month. Say for example, in March, it is 23
2. Now look at the total availability of a resource. Unless changes have been made to specific days in the calendar, if we assume an availability of 7.5 hours per day, 23 * 7.5 = 172.5 hours
3. So, if a resource is not allocated to any project in March, then "Under-allocation" for that resource is 172.5 hours. "Under-allocation" is the number by which a resource is under allocated
4. Another example would be, if the resource is allocated to a project for 72.5 hours, then "Under-allocation" would be 100.00
5. A third example would be, if a resource is allocated to a project for 180.00 hours, then "Under-allocation" would be -7.5 hours. Note that a negative number is indicated in red within brackets.

You can get a good overview of all the allocations for a specific resource if you navigate to Home -> Resources -> {Specific Resource} -> Allocations tab.