Notifications and Test E-mail from Email Template Editor not working


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Continuous Delivery Director


We are not receiving email notifications that should be sent by CDD. The notifications are not being seen for:

  • For tasks that fails or stuck in pending state, etc..
  • Test notifications using the Cog/service wheel in the upper right corner -> Email Templates -> <select an event/template> -> click Send Test Email. It returns as "Successful" but the mail is never received. 



The problem could be caused by any of the following:

  • Global SMTP Settings (Cog/service wheel -> CDDirector Settings) are incorrect. There is a "Send test email" option here too to test.
  • Email notifications for problems with tasks, releases, etc. are based on the user's settings.
    • It uses the email address you use to login to CDD. A users email address can also be checked via the Cog/service wheel -> User & Group Management.
    • To check your notification settings by clicking on the Username icon in the upper right corner of CDD and select "My Settings". There are notification options. Try setting it to "Send Me All Notifications" if you're having problems and test again to see it works.
  • Check your email client settings. Any of the following are possible:
    • There is a rule forwarding the email somewhere other than your inbox. 
    • Is being detected as spam.
    • Look for all emails sent from: <the "From Address" as defined by CDD Global SMTP settings>
  • Email notifications get sent through the CDD Server. If it is having problems sending the email then you can usually find it attempt to send the email in one of these logs:
    • <tomcat_home>/logs/cdd-server.log
    • <tomcat_home>/logs/catalina.out




Release : 8.0


CDD-Email-Plugin: 1.3


While going through the causes we found that the email client was sending the notification emails to some place other than the user's inbox.