VIP Manager Service and Administrator Emails Not Received
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VIP Manager Service and Administrator Emails Not Received


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VIP Service


Emails from Symantec VIP for password reset requests, account alerts and notifications, new account enrollments, administrator creation, etc. not being received. 


Many email providers protect your email by making sure the messages you send and receive are authenticated. Unauthenticated messages might be sent to spam or blocked altogether by the email provider. 


This most common cause is the email being sent to the spam or junk folder. Check these folders and mark the email as non-spam.

For admin password reset requests, a VIP Administrator can verify the email was sent from VIP:

From VIP Manager, click the Reports tab, then click View Audit Reports.
Select the date range the request was made
Select Login from the Action dropdown. 
Leave Administrator First or Last Name blank, then click Search. All password reset requests and logins are displayed. 

Is it affecting single or multiple users?

Ask another admin with an email address on the same domain to attempt a password reset. If received successfully, check SPAM\JUNK folders. Postmasters can check email server logs to verify if delivered to the organization and to the end-user. If multiple users are affected, the following information is provided for the Postmaster:

Whitelisting Symantec VIP Service:

  • Add [email protected] to the Approved Sender list and to the safe domain list. 
  • Add to the allowed client IP list. 
  • End-users should check their SPAM\JUNK folders and add [email protected] to their safe sender list.

Additional email details:

from:  [email protected] 
client-ip =
from =

Important: If your email server responds to emails from [email protected] with a 553 or 550 response code (email "do-not-exist/invalid/inactive"), the VIP Service email gateway spam prevention will block delivery to that email address for 24 hours. (VIP Administrators or end-users will still see a success message when requesting the email). Postmasters can review mail server logs for evidence of the emails from [email protected] in the logs. If there is no trace, first resolve the source of the 553 or 550 response. 

If emails are not received on your email servers, please contact Symantec VIP support.

Additional Information

SMTP Error 553