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force started jobs take 10 mins to start


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CA Workload Automation AE


Users force start jobs but it takes 10 mins to start


Release : 11.3.6



Review the results from "autorep -d -J <jobname>"

Confirm if the event has the correct current time.

It may be a case where the systems are having timedrift issues.

They can cause events to be written with incorrect times causing events to be delayed or to run too early.

If there is a drift, stop the scheduler and application server, sync the time between the autosys and database hosts and restart.

If you see "CAUAJM_I_40218 **** Time offset between AutoSys and Event Server" in the $AUTOUSER/out/event_demon.$AUTOSERV and as_server.$AUTOSERV files that indicates your times between the systems are not 100% equal during startup.

Consult your system and database administrators to help time sync the systems.

Once they are in sync restart the AutoSys again and confirm the "CAUAJM_I_40218 **** Time offset between AutoSys and Event Server" message is not written.