Moving existent Scalability Server to a new Domain Manager fails
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Moving existent Scalability Server to a new Domain Manager fails


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A new Domain Manager is installed and while trying to move the existent Scalability Servers to this new DM, the command cserver register -a fails.


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After validating that "caf ping" and "camping" from the SS to the new DM work, the following commands must be executed:

cserver unregister

caf setserveraddress localhost (this is used just to verify it's configured correctly, since a SS must always point to 'localhost')

cserver config -h <new_manager> -j

cserver register -a

This last command fails.

Reviewing TRC_CSERVER log on the Scalability Server, the following error appears:

|NOTIFY | RegisterServer: end with rc = 192 ADO Version 10.0 - ExecuteCommandPointer  -COM Error: ErrorCode:-2147217873,WordErrorCode:3119, IDispatch error #3119, Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'XPKlinkjob'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.linkjob'. The duplicate key value is (0xceb94cd46b9e8844903e4536f65de324, 13, 1616085780)., Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0, (null)


From that values that it's trying to insert (0xceb94cd46b9e8844903e4536f65de324, 13, 1616085780), that "13" correspond to jobid field on "linkjob" table.

In order to know exactly what that jobid is referring to, the following query can be executed:

select * from ncjobcfg where jobid = 13

NOTE: That ID changes from each environment.

On this case, the jobid 13 correspond to Telemetry job. In order to solve this error, the following steps can be followed:

- On the new DM, open DSM Explorer and go to engines section (since this is a new environment, there will be only System Engine and System Delivery Engine).
- Go to System Engine and unlink the existent Telemetry Job.
- Go back to the Scalability Server and run cserver register -a, this time it will work.