CA Gen read and display DATE field different between languages / platforms


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There is a DATE value stored in the Microsoft SQL Server with "00010101".

It the DATE is read/displayed by Gen in .NET C# environment as "00010101".

However, the DATE is read/displayed in DB2 on mainframe read by Gen Java As "00000000".

Why is there a difference?




Release : 8.5

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Distributed


The Gen 'DATE' field is implemented as a SQL Server 'DATE' field.  Change it and implement the Gen 'DATE' field as a SQL Server 'DATETIME' field.  If it is switched to the SQL Server datetime data type, then the lowest date that can put in that field is 01/01/1753 which we will displayed in Gen as a blank field.

Scenario's tried, working as expected:

1. IF the date is 01-01-1753  return 00000000
2. IF the date is 01-01-0001  return 01010001   
3. IF the date is Null return 00000000