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Starting with CA Workload Automation AE AutoSys 11.3, there are multiple rows in the ujo_job table for some jobs, including deleted jobs.


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There are multiple rows in the ujo_job table for some jobs.

Additionally after delete_job is issued via jil the job is still present in the ujo_job table.
Is that expected?

AutoSys 11.3


As of AutoSys 11.3 the ujo_job table has changed. It is NOT unexpected to see a job name multiple times. Starting with 11.3 Autosys keeps version information for jobs. It would be expected to see a row for each update of a job, including its initial insertion.

To see the current job entry one can run the following:

 	select job_name,joid from aedbadmin.ujo_job where is_active=1 and is_currver=1 

As of AutoSys 11.3 the job definitions are not removed from the db immediately after issuing the delete_job jil command. Instead the record is flagged as inactive, so it does not appear via autorep. The record is later removed via archive_jobs, which is run automatically via DBMaint by default. It will remove/archive job defs that have been deleted after 7 days. This time interval can be adjusted by updating DBMaint or running the command archive_jobs manually using desired flags.

See the man page or reference guide for more details.


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.5-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option