How to configure Clarity with Oracle RAC database
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How to configure Clarity with Oracle RAC database


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We have upgraded to Oracle RAC and unable to connect from Clarity CSA. How do we configure this? 



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Oracle Database Clustering

Classic PPM  supports using an Oracle cluster to provide higher scalability, redundancy, and failover than is possible with a single Oracle server.

Follow these steps:

  1. If necessary, export your existing single-server Oracle database from the single node instance and import it into the cluster.
  2. Log in to CSA.
  3. Open Home, and click Servers.
  4. Click the Properties icon for the server for which you want to edit properties.
  5. Select the Database sub tab.
  6. Edit the following properties for the database connection: 
  • Specify URL


  • JDBC Url

Fully qualified Oracle cluster JDBC URL. This URL is a jdbc prefix followed by the full TNS specification.

The JDBC URL must contain the ServiceName parameter referencing a TNS entry on the specified Oracle host with the desired RAC configuration.

For example:


Alternative examples:

Embed the RAC servers in the URL itself with the following DataDirect syntax:


Oracle RAC servers with SCAN listener:


Oracle DataGuard:


 For more information, see these resources: 

Oracle documentation for RAC and DataGuard setup, SCAN, and services setup.  DataDirect Web site. Search for information about using DataDirect Connect for JDBC with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

  1. Save the changes.
  2. To validate the database settings, run a system health report for each server. See Run a Health Report.
  3. For the Apache Tomcat application servers, restart all services in Classic PPM System Administration.

Additional Information

This is documented here: Broadcom Documentation: Oracle Database Clustering