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RA Oracle Retail jobs run long or fail after increasing MAX_REPORT_SIZE


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After updating MAX_REPORT_SIZE and REPORT_BLKSIZE in UC_HOSTCHAR_* in client 0, RA Oracle Retail jobs (specifically SAPURGE) take a very long time or fail altogether after quite some time
Because of the error:
U00029007 Not all blocks (Limit '600') have been transferred from file '[path to O* file]'.

the user increased the value for REPORT_BLKSIZE in UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT and saw slowness after that for the Oracle Retail job that originally had the error above.


Max. Report Blocks: 120
Check Interval: 60


Max. Report Blocks: 1,200
Check Interval: 60



Large reports take a long time to transfer to the database and when many reports transfer at once, it can cause slowdowns on the bulk of jobs


Uncheck the option "store to file" and uncheck "write agent log to job report"