"Log size is abnormally large" message on WSS agent support screen
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"Log size is abnormally large" message on WSS agent support screen


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


The current status of WSS Agent Support indicates an abnormal log size.

This status was not initially visible upon the agent's installation.

Despite this message, the functionality of the WSS agent remains unaffected.


WSS Agent

SEP Web and Cloud Access Protection

macOS and Windows OS


The WSS Agent won't display debug log messages larger than 2MB to prevent excessive bulkiness. This restriction aims to mitigate potential CPU consumption issues, especially when rendering large log messages in formatted text by the agent. 

If the combined size of all wss-agent-*.log files exceeds 2MB, agent will display this information in the UI rather than parsing, formatting, and presenting the actual log entries from those files.


To address this issue, you'll need to either delete ALL or some of the wss-agent-*.log files that are causing the total size to exceed the 2 MB limit.

Users have the option to relocate the files for safekeeping if desired. These can also access the files in a text editor to view their contents in detail.

You can locate the wss-agent-*.log files in the directory specified below, depending on your operating system:

Note: Make sure to close and re-open the WSS Agent UI for the changes to take effect, after removing/moving these files

Windows OS:

C:\ProgramData\Symantec WSS Agent


/Library/Application Support/Symantec WSS Agent/

Note: After removing or relocating these files, be sure to close and reopen the WSS Agent UI to apply the changes.

Additional Information

The log files roll over every 7 days to ensure efficient management of log data.