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Receiving Error Message "CA XCOM Data Transport Missing" when Trying to apply maintenance to CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


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When trying to apply maintenance to CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows, you may receive error message "CA XCOM Data Transport Missing " and the maintenance script will terminate without applying the maintenance.


The maintenance file, for example, setup_r11615120_32.exe, is a self extracting file. When executed, it will decompress the files Maintenance.msi and ISSetup.dll to a temp folder for execution.

Please check the following possible causes for this problem:

  • This error can be generated if the CA XCOM Base product is not installed.

    The msi setup script checks the registry to see if the CA XCOM Base product is installed.
    To verify this, it checks the registry for one of the following entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:

    SOFTWARE\\Classes\\Installer\\Products\\936917A9DB5970B4ABA89FCE7313BB08" /* for Professional */
    SOFTWARE\\Classes\\Installer\\Products\\6A961A8E16546764D91E79BE1AD0EA8A" /* for Server */

    If neither of these entries is found, the msi script will issue the "Missing CA XCOM Data Transport" error.
  • Verify that the user applying the maintenance is an Administrator for that system and has access to the system registry. If so, verify one of the above registry entries is defined.
  • Verify that the user is not running the maintenance file from the wrong path.

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Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX