Remove Report Server from Manager/UI configurations


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We have SOI 4.2 and no longer have a report server. 

What's the recommendation for removal of the report server from the SOI manager/UI server configurations?


If you try to remove the report server values from the GUI and hit save/test it complains the configuration is incomplete and does not update the samstore db.

Error: The Report Configuration provided is incomplete.




Release : 4.2

Component : SOI ONE CLICK UI


Before removing CABI from your environment, please be sure to remove any shortcuts or applets:

see: Configure Dashboards Tabs on CA SOI Interface


Then we will manually update the SQL samstore db:

Login to SQL management studio or another SQL admin interface (such as dbeaver)

delete from SAMStore.dbo.AdminConfiguration where ConfType like '%Report%';

recycle the SOI manger services and the SOI UI services.

Refresh the webpage and the reports configuration should be blank:



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