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Upgrading Common Components CCI for AutoSys


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CA Workload Automation AE


We are looking to upgrade Autosys to r12 and EEM to

We are using the media from DVD0000000002862.iso

We are also going to be upgrading CCI. 

We use CCI for cross platform scheduling between Autosys and CA7.

In reviewing the installation material we see the install for CCI:

which looks straightforward.  

however, looking further we see something called Common Components (to which we thought CCI was Common Components).



Release : 12



If we look at
While CCI is considered a common component, it is NOT something that is automatically upgraded.
What you have regarding CCI will remain in place.
We also checked the version of CCI on the 12.x media vs the 11.x media and it is the same CCI version, 11.2.
So, you only need to install CCI if if is not present already, it is not something that needs to be or gets upgraded.

NOTE - Always a good idea to take backups before you perform any upgrade just in case you need to revert something back or restore a file like the ccirmtd.prf or .rc.