Unable to move robot to another secondary hub


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We're trying to move some specific robots from one hub to another using IM. Usual Rt-click -> Move option, but for some reason we're getting this error->

   'Error occurred when moving robot '<robot_name>'

There are no networking constraints for the two hubs we tried, and if we edit the cfg file manually the robot happily reports to both.

In addition the robot.cfg contains the secondary hub, as the target hub we're trying to move it to. Please advise on troubleshooting why this may be happening.


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - ROBOT


1. First, using the controller probe utility (via Ctrl-P), in Expert Mode, try running these callbacks:

a. nis_cache_clean
b. reset_device_id_and_restart

Then, if still gives an error in IM when trying to Move the robot to a different hub,

2. Edit the robot.cfg file and point the robot to the appropriate hub

3. Restart the robot.