NCM Backups Fail - SPC-OCC-11523: Unable to create file


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CA Spectrum


We are seeing a lot of failed NCM backups on our nightly NCM backup task associated with a Cause of Failure "SPC-OCC-11523: Unable to create file".

These correlate to SCM files which for some reason are not deleted following the device backup.

For some reason, this does not always happen with every file.  Once we manually delete the SCM files and rerun the NCM task, those backups are successful.
  However, the next time the scheduled NCM task is run, the issue occurs again. 


Found that the SSdb was loaded onto two test landscapes and the Global Sync Task was active. The 3 landscapes capturing configurations
   at about the same time was causing problems and the cause of the SCM_0xxxxxxxxxxx files being left behind


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Applications



Disabled the Network Configuration Manager  Global Sync Task on both test landscapes and the problem no longer occurs. Files are not
  left behind causing the next config to fail.