Can Javelin use the same DSN Less ODBC connection to get by LDAP authentication across domains?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am still using the last version of the 32-bit Javelin and I don't think this is related to 64 vs 32 bit.
When I try to connect to DB2 after (making sure the DLL's etc are readable so no loading error) on the connection to db2 I get the error that my user <USERNAME> can't do this,
but in the Javelin parameters, I am using a test user and its password.

I believe from what I can see that it is using LDAP vs. what I put in the user name and pw.
To make it a wee bit more complex I am going from one domain to another. 

I notice that we don't have this problem with connections made from the CA TDM Web Portal which has this.
Can this same string be put into the DB2 connection parameters to no send the current user name to DB2??


ConnectString='Driver={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};hostname=Redacted;port=YYY;database=redacted;Protocol=TCPIP; UID=redacted; ',ConnectOption='SQL_DRIVER_CONNECT,SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT',DelimitIdentifier='NO'


Permissions issues on the C drive for the javelin application directory and ProgramData Directory for Javelin


TDM 4.9.X

CA Test Data Manager 


1) When logged in with full admin rights you do not see the problem.
2) domain users only have read and execute, to the Javelin folder and the Program data directory.
3) Administrators have full read-write and execute to the folders.
4) The 64-bit version allows you to move the program data directory to another drive.

Next steps:
1) install the 64-bit version and change the location of the config files
2) or grant permission to the domain users for write to both directories.

Key to move javelin program data directory.
<add key="JavelinProgramDataDirectory" value="C:\ProgramData" />