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SAP Error messages in universe.log - No system defined for this job


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The following error messages in the node log several times every 30 seconds:

|ERROR|X|SAP|pid=p.t| uxsap_search_sys_ct_from_ | No system defined for this job (COMPANY,AREA,MANAGEMENT_UNIT)
|ERROR|X|SAP|pid=p.t| uxsap_search_sys_from_job | No system defined for this job (COMPANY,AREA,MANAGEMENT_UNIT)

Additionally, we can see in the Server Engine List that the engine "SUPERVISOR" of  the area SIM remains with a Wake-up date in the past and stop/start does not help.

Nevertheless, all defined jobs (mostly SAP Jobs) are starting normal.



Release : 6.x

Component : Dollar Universe

Subcomponent: Manager for SAP


Checking the content of the u_frrv60.dta file allowed to find the reason of the error messages:

Some Uproc launches using a SAP Resource conditions with a Management Unit that was not mapped in uxjcs.ini had been deleted but its condition remained in the u_frrv60.dta of the area displayed in the universe.log error message and were causing the error messages every 30 seconds.



Reinitialize the u_frrv60.dta of the area displayed in the error message containing the SAP Resource conditions that are causing the errors when no Jobs are in Event Wait status waiting for a Resource.


For example, if the area is S (Simulation) :

1. Load the Dollar Universe environment as the Dollar Universe Administrator User

2. Stop the node:

unistop force

3. Backup the u_frrv60.dta of the area Sim

4. Reinitialize the u_frrv60 of the area Sim:

uxrazfic u_frrv60 S

5. Launch a reorganization and start the node: