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How to periodically restart the nas probe?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Sometimes I am restarting the nas probe because of a database problem.

Is there any way to restart this periodically?

If there is a way to use Auto-Operator or script.



Release : 9.0.2

Component : NAS


This script runs from a schedule on the nas and will test a number of local probes sending a probe_activate to any that are dead. It does this a max of once per half hour per probe. It sends an alarm of escalating severity on every subsequent event for the same probe.


-- aed (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator)
-- resuscitate dead probes.
-- call the _status method on a list of probes. If one fails to reply
-- then invoke probe_activate on the controller against the dead probe.
-- This will happen a (configurable)  max of every half hour, not more because
-- there may be a good reason why the probe is dead

-- delay is how long (seconds) we wait before we try to restart it again
-- half hour is my suggested value.
delay       = (30 * 60)

-- this is a list of probes to check, httpd makes a nice test case
resuscitate = {"httpd", "data_engine", "dashboard_server"}

controller = nimbus.request("controller","get_info")
print ("Robotname: ",controller.robotname)

for _,probe in pairs (resuscitate) do
   status = nimbus.request(probe,"_status")
   if status == nil then
      nextkick = getvariable("nextkick_"..probe)
      -- check we did not shock this one recently
      if nextkick ~= nil and () < tonumber(nextkick) then
          print ("probe ",probe," still dead, time now is ",," waiting until ",nextkick," to kick it again")
         print ("probe: ",probe," needs a shock")
         -- probe did not reply, probably dead, time to get the paddles out
         -- charging...
         param = pds.create()
         pds.putString (param, "name", probe)
         -- clear
         result, rc = nimbus.request ("controller", "probe_activate", param)
         if rc == 0 then
            print "restart command sent OK"
            print ("Failed, nimbus error code: ",rc)
         -- store a variable when we may next kick it
         setvariable("nextkick_"..probe, ( )
         -- see how frequently we are kicking it and send an appropriate level alarm
         kicked = getvariable("status_"..probe)
         if kicked == nil then
            kicked = 0
            kicked = tonumber(kicked)
         kicked = kicked + 1
         if kicked == 6 then kicked = 5 end
         nimbus.alarm (kicked, "sent "..kicked.." restarts to probe: "..probe, "restart/"..probe)
         setvariable("status_"..probe, kicked)
      -- print ("probe: ",probe," all OK")
      setvariable("status_"..probe, 0)