AwE-5125 No port available
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AwE-5125 No port available


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After upgrading to Applications Manager version 9.3+, Applications Manager does not start. In Unix/Linux, the awapi fails to start. 

Reviewing the %AW_HOME%\log\RmiServer.log or $AW_HOME/log/RmiServer.log, the following error is seen:

ErrorMsg: AwE-5125 No port available (3/11/21, 5:47 PM) 
Details: 60010-65535

Notice that the error message states "No port Available" and the details list every possible port (60010-65535). This indicates that Applications Manager has tried every port and no port is available. Unless a firewall exist, the issue is likely with the user_keystore and user_keystore_config.

This issue is generally seen when using a CA signed certificate OR if the user_keystore does not exist in the data directory.


Release : 9.3x, 9.4x



As a test, create a simple self-signed certificate (user_keystore) using the Oracle's Java keytool and create the user_keystore_config (contains password for the user_keystore).

Attempt to start Applications Manager with the new user_keystore and user_keystore_config and Applications Manager should start. 

This will confirm that an issue exist with the CA signed user_keystore and user_kestore_config. A Systems/Security Admin will need to review the parameters/process used to create the ssl certificate.


NOTE - Applications Manager version 9.5 includes a change to report a "no keyfile" error instead of a "no port available" error.