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Timesheet Entry Cells are not showing the background color for non-working days


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The FeatureScreen.css file has a style 'calNonWorking' which is called on the Timesheet Entry page for days in which the resource calendar or standard calendar is marked as a 'Non-Working' day. In version 12, the background color shows up as expected so that the end-user can easily identify this as a non-working day and not enter any hours for that cell. In version 13, the background color is not showing up. You can see that the style 'calNonWorking' item is called if you go to the timesheet, hover over the non-working day and right-click the mouse, select 'Inspect Element'. (In Mozilla Firefox) This will show you that it is calling the 'calNonWorking'. We tried various changes in the colors (by updating the css file) to see if it shows up and it is still not working. We rely on this feature extensively to ensure data entry accuracy.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use the 'Default' UI Theme
  2. Configure the Resource Calendar or Standard Base Calendar with a Non-Workday
  3. Navigate to the Timesheet List View and open a Timesheet for the Resource
  4. Add at least 1 task to the timesheet so you can see cells for each day in the week
Expected Result: We should see the Non-Workday cell background color to be different than the other cells.
Actual Result: No color differences are seen across all cells.


Caused by CLRT-69726

The style reference is incorrect.


Resolved in Clarity 13.3

The style reference is changed to 'ppm_res_cal_non_working'.  You can see this when you inspect the cell.

This is how the 'Default' Non-Workday cell color will appear.


<Please see attached file for image>

Default Non-Workday Cell Color   

Additional Information:

Now that the issue is resolved in v13.3+ and although the color works as expected for the Default theme, you may want to override this color in your own user-defined theme.

The steps below can be followed to create a user-defined User Interface (UI) Theme to configure a different shading color for Non-Workday cells.  The example below overrides the default color to a light shade of green.

  1. Login as an administrator user
  2. Administration, UI Themes
  3. Go into an existing Theme (such as the Default theme), highlight and copy the full content into the clipboard
  4. Return to the list of UI Themes, Click 'New' button
  5. Provide a Name and ID for the new theme
  6. Paste the content into the CSS Content field
  7. For v13.0-13.2: Add the following line (using your desired color code) to the end of the content 
    • /* The Non-Workday background color in Timesheets page*/ 
    • input.calNonWorking {background-color : #ADD8E6 !important; }
  8. For v13.3-14.x: Add the following line (using your desired color code) to the end of the content 
    • /* The Non-Workday background color in Timesheets page*/ 
    • input.ppm_res_cal_non_working {background-color : #ADD8E6 !important; }
  9. Select the new theme as the 'Default'
    • Click on the 'Default' radio button next to your new theme name
    • Click 'Save' button
  10. Log out (optionally, you may need to clear browser cache)
  11. Login to the application again and navigate to a Timesheet with tasks to see the Non-Working Days

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Non-Workday Shaded Cells



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


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