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Unable to Deploy DX Gateway


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DX SaaS APM DX Operational Intelligence


We are trying to deploy DX Gateway following the instrucrions gievn in the online guide.

After modifying the following parameters in the <DX-GATEWAY_Installation_Directory>\Config\generic_config.json file:
dxsaas_tenant_id: Enter the DX SaaS tenant name. For example, example_tenant.
dxsaas_username: Enter the DX SaaS username. For example, [email protected]
dxsaas_password: Enter the password for the user.

We find that deploy process is proceeding successfully to connect to DX SAAS for one tenant, but is not proceeding successfully to connect to DX SAAS for another tenant.

The dxgateway.log at <DX-GATEWAY_Installation_Directory>\Logs is showing the following information.

INFO DxApplication: JSONObject["userCohort"] not found.
INFO DxApplication: Please check the DX Credentials. Exiting............
INFO DxApplication: Encryption of password started



This issue was related to the setting in generic_config.json file.


Release : SAAS

Component : Operational Intelligence Platform


The following property must be false in generic_config.json file.

"dxsaas_apm_token_encrypted" : "false",