Mapping multiple ARD fields to single ALM field


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


ARD allows only one-to-one mapping with ALM fields.
We have mapped the description field from ARD to “Step Description” in ALM.
Due to this, any TS which are added to the Data Notes field in ARD does not get added to the ALM steps.

Expected to map multiple ARD fields to a single ALM field.

Kindly suggest.






Customers can create custom fields that concatenate multiple ARD fields to one value and then used this for the assignment.



ARD 2.X 3.X
CA Agile Requirements Designer


It's actually possible to do what the client wants to do.

Currently, this is not documented.

The client would need basic knowledge of how custom fields work and how they can be chained/concatenated
the doc for custom fields is here:

the basic steps are:
1) create a new custom field
2) for the default value add the values of description and data notes.
3) in the ALM export assign the new custom field.

Please find a short video with a walk through attached to this KB.