CA View - Implement External Security - RACF
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CA View - Implement External Security - RACF


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In the View Installation Guide, regarding security, we are unable to complete one of the steps due to RACF being unable to locate the new resource class CHA1VIEW, until we complete an IPL. After completing the IPL, then we are able to complete the remainder of the steps as per the Guide.

Why is an IPL necessary to complete the implementation?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The IBM website shows the following steps for "Adding new resource classes to the class descriptor table" (

 . Add new resource classes to ICHRRCDE by coding the ICHERCDE macro. 
 . Add the same classes to the RACF router table, ICHRFR01, by coding the ICHRFRTB macro. 
 . When you have re-created the two modules ICHRRCDE and ICHRFR01, re-IPL your MVS system to bring them into use.

The IPL is an IBM / RACF requirement, when adding a new resource class to the class descriptor table.