Business Service Insight installation troubleshooting
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Business Service Insight installation troubleshooting


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CA Business Service Insight


These are some general recommendations for troubleshooting issues with the installation of CA Business Service Insight. The documentation contains all the necessary pre-install requirements, however if any are missed these are the most common problems seen.


Note:: If Windows server is 2008 ensure for and above at least windows should be 2012 server and subsequently as per the release requirements.

 Note:: Production cannot be on a single server it should follow multi tier  architecture recommended by Broadcom or what current servers are following.

 Take a snapshot of the machine before installation is starting.

  1. Check the login user account of the system should be admin, before starting the installation process.
  2. Verify start_parameters.ini file in the installation folder have the right DB password entries.
  3. Verify DB port is proper in .ora file.
  4. Take the backup of full folders.
  5. Verify all the windows prereqs are properly configured before installation.
  6. Perform uninstallation.
  7. Verify IIS web tools or any additional tools are properly installed and not corrupted.
  8. ISAPI filters need to be corrected by removing the web tracker tool.
  9. Virtual directory won't get created properly and need to be created manually for uninstall/install in the same box.                                                                                                                                                    
  10. Perform IISReset once installation is completed.
  11. Verify all the background oblicore windows services are properly getting started.
  12. Login to the application and perform basic sanity of saving randomly some pages.
  13. Post installation Adapters need to be migrated following the adapters migration document.