UIM nterf probe not collecting metrics
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UIM nterf probe not collecting metrics


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Some servers are experiencing issues collecting performance metrics.

ntperf probe cannot collect any metrics

The system engineers and Microsoft have verified that these metrics are visible on the servers themselves, via Perfmon, powershell and WMI but still UIM probes are unable to collect.

The ntperf probe even throws up a  "Unable to access the probe....communication error" when trying to open a metric profile within the probe.





Release : UIM 9.x / 20.3.x

Windows 2012 R2 

Component : UIM NTPERF64


Rebuild of the windows performance counters  .See additional information section for articles with similar type symptoms for cdm probe 

Reboot the Windows Server to take effect


Additional Information

Unable to get CPU data with the cdm probe

Internal Alarm. Unable to get CPU data (error)