New UX Financial Plans - Start and Finish Periods for Monthly Period Type are not correct in the List


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In New UX Financial Plans, when creating a new Monthly Cost Plan, the list of values for Start and Finish Periods range from Jan 2017 through Jan 2019. Monthly Fiscal Periods are active from 2016 through 2023.  Where does the data for these list of values come from?

From Project > Financial Plans, create a New Cost Plan.

For the Monthly Period Type, the Start and Finish Period list of values they range from 1/2017 – 1/2019.

We though these were populated based on the active Fiscal Time Periods, but all of the Monthly Fiscal Time Periods from 2016 through 2023 are active.  So, where are those Start and Finish Periods getting populated from? Is there a job that needs to run?


Release : 15.8.1



After testing this functionality this in both 15.8.1 and 15.9.1, it is correct that Start and Finish periods are populated based on the active Fiscal Time Periods, but there is a limitation in 15.8.1 where not all of them will be displayed but you can actually search for those you don't see and still able to select them. In 15.9.1 you are actually will be able to see them all in the drop down list.