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Top Secret TSSPROT Job results


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Top Secret


When running TSSPROT job on Production receive small number of datasets,  on DEV lpar a number  (5x Larger) 

What would this happen


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


If ADSP(ALL) set in TSS Control Options, which means the RACF bit is turned on in
in all modes for all users, regardless whether the user is defined to TSS,
when a dataset is created. 

Changing ADSP to NO will not set the RACF bit for any new datasets you  create.

TSSPROT can be used to see all datasets with this bit set and TSSPROT can
 be used to turn off the bit on specific datasets. If you are not
 currently experiencing any problems with datasets that have the RACF bit
 set, you do not have to run TSSPROT to turn the bit off if you don't want