How to check data synch period from Spectrum to CABI


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How to check data synch period from Spectrum to CABI


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Reporting


The SRM (Spectrum Report Manager) does not update the reporting database in real-time.

This is the Report Manager Architecture:

In Spectrum 10.4.1 onwards we enhanced the SRM update interval. 

In the prior releases, SRM was collecting and sending inventory, alarms, events, services, and NCM data at 60 minutes of the interval from DX NetOps Spectrum and was publishing the report.
From the current release (10.4.1), a new parameter instant_event_poller_processing_interval is added to let you customize the polling interval. The parameter lets the SRM process only the model create/destroy events and alarm events at five minutes of the interval. However, you can configure the polling interval. All other events are processed at 60 minutes of the interval. The configuration helps you get the updated inventory and alarms data in the report based on the configured interval rather than the regular 60 minutes time frame.

In the OneClick Administration - Report Manager - Spectrum Status you can see the last time the event synchronization occurred in the reporting database. The synchronization occurs every one hour.

In the OneClick Administration - Report Manager - Archive Expert you can see the Earliest and Latest Record time in the reporting database.

If you want the SRM to update the reporting database immediately you will need to uncheck (disable) the Monitor?  checkbox, save the change, and then check back (enable) the Monitor? checkbox and save the change.

Additional Information

1. Open a bash shell on the OneClick + SRM machine

2. Navigate to the $SPECROOT/mysql/bin/ directory

3. Run the following syntax to connect to the MySQL command line:

./mysql --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -proot reporting -A (Linux)
./mysql.exe -uroot -proot reporting (Windows)

MySQL query to show the landscape sync status:

mysql> select * from landscape\G