Failed to load library 'ArcotSiteMinderAdapter'


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CA Risk Authentication


I am testing with Siteminder Policy server r12.8 SP05, however it does not work with Riskminder R91SP1 adapter. 

I got following error in policy server smps.log , when I access the Riskminder protected resources.

[24841/140705376745216][Thu Mar 18 2021 12:41:09.815][SmAuthServer.cpp:242][ERROR][sm-Server-02910] Failed to load library 'ArcotSiteMinderAdapter'. Error: Unknown Error



Release : 9.1

Component : CA RiskMinder for Windows

Arcot RiskfFort


These are the following reasons why this error message may happen.

1. Policy server is 64 bit but the ArcotSiteMinderAdapter used is 32 bit, get the 64 bit library for SHIM and that should resolve the issue.

2. AFM_HOME or ARCOT_HOME environment variable is not set on the Policy server box.

3. adaptershim.ini file is not present in the AFM_HOME/conf directory.

4. While creating the Authscheme we have to provide the ProfileName and the AFM_HOME location for Linux environments, ensure they are set.

If all of the above things are checked and issue still persists then please contact the Broadcom support team.