Frequently asked questions about CCS licenses
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Frequently asked questions about CCS licenses


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Control Compliance Suite Standards Server Control Compliance Suite


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

Frequently asked questions about CCS licenses.


Release: CCS 12.5.x and CCS 12.6.x

Component:  CCS Licenses


1) Where do I find out what licenses have been applied to CCS?

In the CCS Console, go to Admin -> Licenses.  In the license panel, you can 'Add License' or you can see your current usage for the different CCS components (i.e CCS Core, CCS Server, CCS Databases, etc).  Click on the CCS component you would like to get more information for and the details for that component's license will show up in the 'License Details View' panel.

2) What happens if the 'CCS Core' license expires? 

The 'CCS Core' license regulates the Application Server service, so when the 'CCS Core' license expires, the Application Server service will cease to function until a new license has been applied.  You cannot open the CCS Console if the core license expires. The core license can be renewed from the stand-alone utility Symantec.CSM.LicenseUtil.exe that is stored in the following location:  <install directory>\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Directory Support Service\ on the Application Server.

3) How do I generate a report that has the CCS license information?

You can get CCS license information from our predefined 'License Audit Details' report in the Report Template section and export the results in different formats.  Go to Reports -> Report Templates, and then in the 'Predefined' folder search for 'License audit details'.  Once that is shown in the 'Browse Report Templates' panel, right click on 'License Audit Details' and select Schedule Report.  Go through the steps (make sure you specify where you want to export the file and in what format in the 'Specify Export Details' section) and then 'Run now'.  

4) When does a CCS asset get assigned one of the license count?

When an asset is registered (agent) or imported into CCS (agentless), it does not take up a license at that time.  The first time that the asset is used in a scan and/or query in CCS, then that asset is assigned a license.  When that asset is deleted (removed from CCS Console), then it will free up that license back into the CCS license pool to be used by another asset.

5) When I run a CCS scan, I get a warning that I have exceeded my asset count limit.  What does that mean?

When you run the scan and you have more assets then you have licenses for, you will receive a Warning that you have exceeded your license limit.  That Warning will not impact your CCS scans, but you will need to contact Broadcom Sales to purchase additional licenses.

6) I'm getting a warning that my licenses for the following component(s) will expire in XX days when I start the CCS Console.  What does that mean?

When starting the CCS Console, CCS will start giving warnings of license(s) that will be expiring 60 days before the license expires.  This is just to make sure you know when the license expires, so you will be able to get a new license to add to CCS to continue using the product.  Contact your Broadcom Sales representative to renew your license to be able to continue to use CCS.  

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