Multiple queries in one action are not supported in datamaker in Post-Publish action. They are supported in Portal.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We create a datamaker subset model, on ORACLE SGBD.

We need to create a post publish action, that will run some commands to delete some lines.

But when Datamaker run the SQL Action; it returns me a error regarding the delimitators we used here.

I run this command on Oracle, and on Datamaker Sql Window, and it worked; but using on the action it returns me the error.

We are using " ; " delimitator...

Which delimitator we need to use on the SQL Action?


Original Command:

delete FROM RCVRY.DELQMST d1 WHERE d1.DMACCT IN (select dmacct
from delqmst
where d1.dmacct = dmacct
group by dmacct
having count(*) > 1)
and trunc(d1.dmhostup) = trunc(sysdate)
and d1.DMOFFICR = 'TDM';

delete FROM RCVRY.UDA2 u WHERE u.U2ACCT IN (select u2acct
from uda2
where u.u2acct = u2acct
group by u2acct
having count(*) > 1)
and trunc(u.U2DTHRGERA) = trunc(sysdate)
and u.U2PROMOT = 'TDM';

delete FROM RCVRY.TB_PARCELA p1 WHERE p1.PAACCT IN (select paacct
where p1.paacct = paacct
group by paacct
having count(*) > 1)
and trunc(p1.PADTREF) = trunc(sysdate)
and p1.PANATBX = 'TDM';




Release : 4.9

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer - TMX Script Generator


Multiple queries in one action are not supported in datamaker. However they are supported in Portal using ';' as a delimiter.


under  (Code Type 


 only) Specify the following fields:

for more details


It is a low priority enhancement but will eventually be addressed in datamaker


Alternatively you can use DDL type action NOT SQL action type in Datamaker to run them