Receiving CAS9378W messages after upgrading from CCS R14.1 to R15.0
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Receiving CAS9378W messages after upgrading from CCS R14.1 to R15.0


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After upgrading Common Services for z/OS (CCS) from r14.1 to r15.0, at startup, ENF issues the following messages for several different events  (JOBPURGE used as an example):  
CAS9320E - Conflicting #columns attribute detected in event JOBPURGE .
CAS9328W - Recording is disabled for inactive event "JOBPURGE ."

Additionally, the following messages are also issued later in the joblog:
CAS9351I - CA-ENF Database archive complete, 00000000 records written
CAS9408E - ARCHIVE encountered an error that may require attention.
CAS9409E - Refer to previous ARCHIVE error message(s) for details. 


Release : Common Services r15.0



Common Services (CCS) r14.1 introduced two enhancement PTFs to provide a more granular TIME field on all events. 
               RO54507 - the enhancement PTF itself
               RO62370 -PE's RO54507
               In this case, RO54507 and RO62370 were never applied to CCS r14.1 before upgrading to CCS r15.0. 
               Enhancement code was carried over to r15.0
               Errors are a result of r15.0 plan not matching the data in the MUF.





   Two methods to resolve the errors:

  • Method 1   
    • Create a new MUF for ENF
      • Follow steps described in Datacom tech docs to create new MUF
      • Several available according to release of Datacom/AD
      • Edit and execute the jobs specific to Datacom
        • Datacom jobs AXCUS00 - AXNEW01 
        • Combined all create a new, empty, MUF  
      • Edit and execute CCS r15.0 CAW0JCL(AW1ID001)
        • Defines new MUF as ENF MUF to Datacom
  • Method 2
    • Follow the steps listed in RO54507
      • Use Current MUF from r14.1
        • Stop ENF
        • Start MUF using Datacom ADxxSTRT  (xx=Datacom release)
          • Not necessary if use ENF XMUF 
        • Edit and execute CCS r15.0 CAW0JCL(CASQL001)
          • List tables (events) in current MUF
        •  Edit and execute CCS r15.0 CAW0JCL(CASQL004)
          • Drop tables listed in CASQL001 from current MUF
          • Clears out event names and related event data
        • Edit and execute CCS r15.0 CAW0JCL(AW1IMPRT)
          • Imports CCS r15.0 plan into MUF
          • Not necessary if r15.0 plan previously imported into current MUF
        • Shut down the MUF if use IMUF
          • Not necessary if use ENF XMUF
        • Re-start ENF with the REINIT parm,
          • S ENF,,,REINIT
          • Ensure that CCS r15.0 libraries are used.

Additional Information

 Reference knowledge documents describing the process of creating new MUF for ENF according to the release of Datacom.

  Documents may refer to r14,1 of Common Services but same steps apply to Common Services r15.0 as well.
    Knowledge article 20771 for Datacom release 14.0
    Knowledge article 195303 for Datacom release 15.1 - use method 2

Reference Common Services knowledge document 186186 describing when to use AW1ID001 vs AW1IMPRT