ZDU Version column "B" and "T" during ZDU Upgrade
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ZDU Version column "B" and "T" during ZDU Upgrade


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


How does it work?

The B means Base version and T means Target version in the column called ZDU version. It designates of which process, old or new, the Task depend. The goal is that all processes switch from B to T during the ZDU.

The simple rules are:

  • As soon as you click Next in Step 3 to go to Step 4, Tasks start to go from B to T.
  • All Tasks should be T before the ZDU Wizard allows you to click Next in Step 6
  • Just after you have clicked Next in step 7 and "Congratulation / Close" is displayed, all jobs are updated back from T to B

The problem

Even after the the ZDU is finished there are some Tasks in the Activities / Process Monitoring that still have a T in the ZDU version column.


Component : Automation Engine


  1. Normally it should not be possible to click Next in Step 6 of the ZDU, if there are still entries with ZDU Version=B present. For that reason it is advised to stay a longer (12-24 or even 48 hours or more) in the parallel/compatibility mode so all Task can switch to the target version
  2. We advise to do an preemptive check of the ZDU Version column before starting the ZDU, to see any inconsistencies in that column that already exist.
  3. All Task should be updated from T to B after clicking Next in Step 7. If the wizard allows you to click Next and you still have Ts there is no reason to worry.

Development has confirmed that once the ZDU has finished, the ZDU Version (B/T) column has no impact anymore whatsoever. So this is definitely a safe situation.