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Error 'There are no CCS Manager Load Balancers available for job execution' when running a CCS Data Collection job


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

After updating the password for the CCS Service Account using the third option 'Reset service passphrase' using the Symantec.CSM.ConfigureServiceAccount.exe utility, all data collection and CER (collection-reporting-evaluation) jobs then fail with the error 'There are no CCS Manager Load Balancers available for job execution'.


The credentials stored in CCS are stored in an encrypted file that is based off of the CCS Passphrase.  If the passphrases are reset using the Symantec.CSM.ConfigureServiceAccount.exe utility with the 'Reset service passphrase' option, then those credentials stored in CCS are no longer valid because CCS is no longer able to read the encrypted credentials.  


CCS Application Server v12.5.x and 12.6


Delete all existing credentials for the CCS job scans and then recreate them.

Why do all the credentials for job runs need to be deleted and then recreated?
When you reset the passphrases, there is a blob in ADAM that stores all the passwords this will become inaccessible to CCS after the passphrases are reset. To get around this you simply need to delete all configured credentials.  Once they are all deleted, a new blob will be created after you create the first new credential.  You will also need to reset the password for any Data Locations that are configured. For any user that schedules jobs will also need to go back in to the "Scheduled Job Management" and set their password again. After all the credentials have been deleted and the new blob created.