SYSVIEW | SMF25 record layout from r15 to r 16 and forward
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SYSVIEW | SMF25 record layout from r15 to r 16 and forward


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Has the record layout changed in the last three releases? 

If yes, what are the differences between the releases?



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


Yes, the record layout has changed over the last three releases. Users looking to compare the release-specific layouts can do so using the ISPF SUPERC compare utility.

Using ISPF SUPERC to Compare the Datasets

  1. From a mainframe session you access UTILITIES from the menu (on mine it is option 3)
  2. From the submenu you select the option for SuperC (on mine it is option 12)
  3. For the current "Data Set Name" field, put the current SYSVIEW (r160) library and press Enter. For this example, we're using: SYSVIEW.R160.CNM4BMAC(GSVSMF25)
  4. On the next panel presented, enter the 'old' Data Set Name and press Enter. This example uses 'SYSVIEW.R150.CNM4BMAC(GSVSMF25)'IBM | ISPF SUPERC Utility (Option 3.12)
  5. The compare process completes, allowing users to be displayed with a listing of what has changed showing the Inserts and Deletes.

Just repeat the same process against the R14.2 and run the compare against the r15.0 release.


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