Errors in webdriver monitor
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Errors in webdriver monitor


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Trying to monitor the access to Microsoft Teams webpage using webdriver. The recorded webdriver script is working in the local machine, but once uploaded to any public station, this error is shown in video recording.


Once logged, the welcome page loads and quickly this error page appears. It's not possible to reproduce this error in the local machine, either running the webdriver script or trying it manually.

What could be the problem in the public stations to get this error?



Release : 99.0




This is an issue with restricted memory in public stations, there is a limit of only 256Mb to each webdriver check to allow all users to use the feature without impacting on others.

Using tools within Google Chrome, it was possible to see that the loading of Javascript by itself was taking over the required limit.

Logs in ASM may report this error, which shows that the original window has already closed / crashed:

(5107: Script failed at step 13: no such window: target window already closed)



With an OPMS installed, it is possible to increase the memory limit to run the script:

Go to. /etc/asm/selenoid.json


the row is: 


"-mem", "512m",


We would suggest to start with an extra 256Mb which gives

"-mem", "768m",


After changes made, please restart the selenoid:

     monit restart selenoid-docker"


Additional Information


Information on analyzing memory usage of websites in the browser