Enable or disable the SQL Curve feature toggle
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Enable or disable the SQL Curve feature toggle


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The SQL Curves are a new feature introduced in Clarity 15.9.1, along with a new job: Time Slicing Group By (Renamed 'Time Slicing Sync' job in 15.9.2). 

How can this feature be disabled?


Release : 15.9.1+ 

  • There have been a number of issues fixed in later GA releases, (15.9.3+)
  • Before proceeding, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest GA release where possible to avoid any issues and to prevent the need of disabling this feature.


Check with Broadcom Support before proceeding with the changes outlined in this article. 


1. Check if the SQL Curves feature is enabled 

  • Note: This is always enabled by default starting 15.9.1
  • Run the following query:
    • select enabled from CMN_FEATURES where code ='TSV_AGGREGATION_FEATURE_20550'
  • ENABLED =1 means the feature is enabled
  • ENABLED =0 means the feature is disabled 


2. Disable the OOTB SQL Curves feature

  • Important: This feature should typically only be disabled if recommended by Broadcom support as a workaround for an issue.
  • If using the Modern User Experience, it is not recommended to disable this as doing so can impact some data displayed. 
  • To temporarily disable the feature, run the below command. 
    • admin toggle-feature TSV_AGGREGATION_FEATURE_20550 0 



3. Enable the OOTB SQL Curves feature

  • Disabling of the SQL curve feature is a temporary workaround, so once your issue is resolved, run the below command to re-enable the feature.
    • admin toggle-feature TSV_AGGREGATION_FEATURE_20550 1


4. Restart service or flush the Clarity cache

  • This step is required after enabling/disabling for the setting change to be completely taken into account. 
  • Note: Disabling the SQL Curves feature will also make the 'Time Slicing Group By' (Time Slice Sync) job not visible in Administration - Reports and Jobs 

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