CA Vantage - Moving User Views/Scripts from Windows Client to Web Client
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CA Vantage - Moving User Views/Scripts from Windows Client to Web Client


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


What are the steps required to move the User Views and Scripts from Windows Client to Web Client?


CA Vantage 14.0
CA SRM Vantage Windows Client 12.7.871.4
CA Vantage Web Client 14.0.07


The scripts created with the Windows Client are stored in the Vantage runtime libraries i.e.: HLQ.AUTOSCR, HLQ.LOGSCR and HLQ.SYSTSCR. The Web Client has access to the same libraries and will allow access to the same scripts. 

Exporting from Windows Client:
On the Windows Client select Tools and then the option Export. This will bring the Windows Client Export screen up where you'll be able to select, among other options, the User Views.

Select the User Views you want to export from the "Available Views" on the left and simply double click/drag drop them to the "Selected Views" on the right. 
You can select as many User Views as you'd like and, once all views have been selected, click on the Export button. This action will create a file in your computer with the default address and file name: C:\BrightStor SRM Data\Central\Export\MyExports.mdb. You can change the destination folder and file name, if you choose to do so, remember the folder and file name as this will be required when importing from the Web Client.

Importing on Web Client:
On the Web Client select the user menu, and select "Import", then "Import User View". This will bring up the "Import User View" dialog. Select the option to import a local file. This method is used to import an .mdb file stored on your local system. Click on the Select File button and browse to the user view you want to import.

At least one user must be selected to enable the user view import. If you use the same user for different hosts, keep your username selected.

Beware that the feature that allows for importing the User Views from the Windows Client was introduced on the release 14.0.07 

If the Web Client requires an upgrade, please read the chapter Install or Upgrade MTC-M
The Web Client releases can be found and download at the CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager Maintenance Grid for Web Client.

For more information on how to work with User Views on the Web Client, please read the chapter Working with User Views