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Thread Terminator for DB2 for z/OS


I found sample job PTTBATCH that allow us to change DSNZPARM parameters via batch, but I could not find a command to simply list the parameters. Is there any sample or command to list all current DSNZPARM parameters ?


Release : 20.0

Component : Thread Terminator


PTTBATCH does not have any option to list current DSNZPARM parameters, you can only update the parameters with SET command. 
The best option to list current DSNZPARM parameters is with QFILE command, you can do it with the following steps.
Allocate a PDS or Library data set with LRECL=133. 
In Thread Terminator select option 'VZ View DSNZPARM Data'.
Issue the QFILE command, you will be requested for the Data Set Name to save your report.  
ISPF LIBRARY:                                                        
 DATA SET NAME  ===> 'YOUR.DATA.SET.QFILE'                         
      MEMBER         ===> DSNZPARM       (Blank for member selection list)    
Press Enter to validate the Data Set Name and PF3 to generate the report.

Additional Information

When capturing this report using the QFILE command, some of the displayed values will exceed the default column length and so will be truncated. In order to display all values in their entirety you can use the SETWIDTH command to expand the columns.

For example, SETWIDTH VALUE 25 and SETWIDTH KEYWORD 25 should display the data fully.

You can use the REPORT command to save this screen format, including the new column widths, to an ISPF profile variable.

Then, when you access the panel, the column widths will be displayed in the expanded format.

Then you can use the QFILE command to write the expanded display to a dataset.

If at any time to want to remove this customization of the display, then you can use the 'REPORT RESET' command to delete the ISPF profile variable and the panel will be displayed as it was before, with the un-expanded columns.