DX IM - UIM - sysloggtw probe - How it will work with Spectrum to see the Devices?


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


DX IM - UIM - sysloggtw probe - How it will work with Spectrum to see the Devices?


Any UIM and sysloggtw probe versions


Syslogggtw will pickup on devices that are in spectrum but has no direct connection to spectrum.

The System Log Gateway (sysloggtw) probe acts as a gateway between the Syslog environment and CA Unified Infrastructure Management.

Most network devices, such as routers, switches, and bridges, report events using SNMP as well as using the well-known syslog format. This probe listens to port 514/udp when running in a receive mode.

All incoming Syslog messages are acted upon using the defined receive mode: Generate Alarm Generate SYSLOG-IN (for post-processing) messages Log to the file The spectrumgtw probe is the one typically used for UIM Spectrum integration.

The spectrumgtw (Spectrum Gateway) probe provides a bidirectional (CA UIM to CA Spectrum and CA Spectrum to CA UIM) integration between CA Unified Infrastructure Management and CA Spectrum enabling you to perform the following actions: Export and correlate CA Spectrum Inventory from a Global Collection to CA UIM inventory. Bi-directional synchronization of alarms Bi-directional Clear / Update of alarms View symptomatic CA Spectrum alarms in the context for the root-cause alarm in CA UIM Ticket ID synchronization between CA Spectrum and CA UIM Synchronize CA UIM inventory to CA Spectrum

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