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When planning to install Web Agent Option Pack, some might ask if Web
Agent Option Pack is supported with the same JDK version the
Application Server runs ?

For instance, if Tomcat 9 supports RedHat OpenJDK, will the Web Agent
Option Pack 12.52SP1CR09 support it ?




Web Agent Option Pack 12.52SP1CR09 on Tomcat 9.0 on RedHat 7;




At first glance, this is supported as "Reasonable Commercial Effort
Statement" and as it fits with the vendor support matrix as stated in
our Support Matrix and this KD (1).

Pay attention that on date of March 17th 2021, only Tomcat 9.0 is
supported on RedHat 7 only (2).


Additional Information



  OpenJDK usage


    If you use OpenJDK with the Policy Server 12.8SP2, the Support frame
    of this configuration will fall under the Reasonable Commercial Effort
    as stated here :

 6.3 Reasonable Commercial Effort Statement




  3.2 Web Agent Option Pack (WAOP) 64-bit

    | Application    | Version | Windows       | Red Hat |
    | Server         |         | Server 64-bit | 64-bit  |
    | ASF Tomcat 64- |   9.0.x | 2019 (from    |         |
    | bit            |         | SP1 CR11)     |         |
    |                |     9.0 |               | 7 (SP01 |
    |                |         |               | CR09)   |


  5. Web Agent Option Packs that run on WebSphere support the JDKs that
     are native to those application servers. For all other applications
     servers supported(Oracle Weblogic, ASF Tomcat, Redhat Jboss,
     NewAtlanta ServeletExec), we support Sun/Oracle Java version 1.7
     (or later 1.7.xx version) and Sun/Oracle Java version 1.8 (or later
     1.8.xx version), as per Application Servers vendor support matrix.


  4.3 Reasonable Commercial Effort Statement

      Technical Support will make a reasonable commercial effort to
      troubleshoot and/or resolve customer support requests that involve
      the use of currently supported versions of SiteMinder on or with
      "unsupported" platforms as follows: Broadcom Technical Support
      will accept support incidents (support requests) involving a
      software platform or a combination of software platforms that is
      not officially supported per the then-current Broadcom published
      platform support matrices. Broadcom will troubleshoot the issue up
      to the point that Broadcom has reason to believe that the problem
      is related to the use of software that is not specified in a
      then-current platform supported matrix. At such point, Broadcom
      shall require that the customer reproduce the problem on a fully
      supported combination of platforms before Broadcom proceeds in
      troubleshooting the incident.