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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


If we want to delete any of the users that are created out-of-the-box CA PAM deployment, can this be done, and what might be the impact of doing so?


Privileged Access Manager provides two default administrative accounts to manage the product. The "super" account is for Global Administrators, and the "config" account is for configuration administrators. The super account is visible in the Manage Users list, while the configuration account is not.

The product also includes the following CA NIM pre-existing components:
- Device (Target Server) – displayed on the Manage Devices page, cannot be edited.
- Two target applications – one for User Management (CA NIM UM), one for Service Management (CA NIM SM)
- Two accounts – one for each application type. Both accounts are named nimadmin.

CA Normalized Integration Management User Management (CA NIM UM) and Service Management (CA NIM SM) let PAM integrate with various third-party service desk solutions. These solutions provide a normalized generic API to create Incidents in service desk products.


Release : 3.4

Component : Privileged Access Management


Don't delete these users as this may cause noise in the logs and potential problems during upgrades.