How to disable the PGP Notifier for Symantec Encryption Desktop


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There is a PGP Notifier that will pop up when different activities are performed, such as when a disk is encrypting, decrypting, or when a Symantec File Share folder has been unlocked.  These are useful notifications that give feedback to a user.  There are scenarios in which there should be no notifier displayed.  In these cases a custom preference value can be configured.


In the Symantec Encryption Desktop options, it is possible to disable this notifier manually by simply unchecking the box:

In cases where you would like to control this setting to disable this centrally, you will want to apply the following changes in the Symantec Encryption Management Server:

1. Login to the SEMS admin portal.

2. Click Consumers, Consumer Policy, and click the policy you would like to modify that the user is part of.

3. Under General, click "Edit...".

4. On the bottom of this page, you will see a button "Edit Preferences..." click this.

5. There are two values you will want to enable:

enableAdminNotifierControl  - This will control whether or not you want to manage this setting via the SEMS (You will want to enable this).  In the "Pref Name:" field, enter this value, Type is "Boolean" and for the "Value" field, enter "true".

useNotifier - This controls whether or not the Notifier is displayed.  Similarly, in the "Pref Name" field, enter this value, Type is "Boolean", and "Value" is "false".

Note: If you later decide you want the notifier to pop up, set the value to true.  In this example, we will set to false as can be see in the following example:

The result will be displayed on the bottom of the preferences page:


6. Once both of values has been entered, click save and update the policy on the SED client.  These changes will be reflected in the %appdata%\PGP Corporation\PGP\PGPprefs.xml file.  

If you allow the user to edit options, then the Notifer tab will be removed from view: