Per Period Metrics in Financials - Jobs required to populate Data


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What jobs are required to display per period Metrics in the Financials Module / Cost Plans?

Example: If I update per period metrics ETCs (using group by) in Assignments, then go to the Financial Plans, what repopulates the data? Is the new Time Slicing Group by job required? If not what allows the data to populate?


Release : 15.9.1


Non GCP Environments


For non GCP environments in 15.9.1, the Time Slicing job is required to run to allow data to show in existing cost plans due to issue Financials Module requires Time slicing job to run in order to Update Plan Details. The Time Slicing Group by Job does not need to run.

See detailed information below: After updating assignments per period metrics (such as ETCs), to get cost plan data to update using the populate from assignments method:

  1. For existing cost plans, the time slicing job has to be run, and then you can populate from assignments
  2. For new cost plans, no job is required to run, the data populates when I create my cost plan populating from assignments.

The Time slicing job does not need to run in GCP environments.