ODF-0015 on custom subobjects or project creation
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ODF-0015 on custom subobjects or project creation


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Project Create or custom subobject throwing ODF-0015 Value must be unique only when a set of attributes is repeated. Attributes are not set to Unique in Studio, everything is looking well.  No error in app-ca, which indicates a database issue, or error related to processes  although there is no processes on the object


Release : Any


  • Find and disable the audit triggers by removing audit and then disabling the audit triggers
  • It's possible than a unique index is created for the fields combination. Check for any unique index in the database, and drop it if no longer needed or recreate as non unique index
  • Find and disable any custom triggers on this object / involved tables
  • Note: any database objects that are a customization are unsupported. Please check Best Practices on database customizations in Clarity for more information