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Error when try to modify an email address


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CA Identity Manager


After deploying a new endpoint through Connector XPress, and try to modify the email address the following error message is displayed


[ApacheDS Worker-thread-22] ( ERROR  - [email protected]: validation failure: <errorMessages><header>Error with eTDYNAccount[="dbo"."MyTableXXX"] object named 'eTDYNAccountName=MyUser,eTDYNAccountContainerName=Accounts,eTDYNDirectoryName=MyDYNEndpoint,eTNamespaceName=XXX,dc=im,dc=etasa':</header><messages><errorMessage>attribute eTDYN-str-multi-02[=UserEmail]: Invalid value '[email protected]' does not match email address regular expression '^[\w.%-][email protected][\p{Alnum}.-]+\.[\p{Alpha}]{2,4}$'</errorMessage></messages></errorMessages>


The current regular expression from the Connector XPress does not allow the domain name even it is a valid domain.


Identity Manager 14.x


Follow the steps in Connector XPress

1. Open Connector XPress

2. Right-click on the deployed connector in the right-panel within the Connector XPress and choose "Create Project"

3. With the project load, from the left-panel, click on "Custom Types"

4. Remove the "email" from the list of "Formatted String Types" section, see image below

5. Right-click on the deployed connector again in the right-panel within Connector XPress and choose "Deploy Metadata"


Note: If the Provisioning Manager is open, close and open it again