CA View - End-User ISPF PANEL Frozen
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CA View - End-User ISPF PANEL Frozen


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A customer end-user accidentally copy-pasted a string into the wrong field on a View panel.

The user was unable to clear the field.

The View administrator deleted the user profile to resolve the issue.

What is the permanent resolution to this issue?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Testing was performed by SE, where unprintable characters were placed within a string containing a Sysout ID, and at the end of the string. 

When the character was placed within a string, the message "No sysout selected" appears. 

When the character is at the end of a string, the reports with that name (up to the unprintable character) is correct displayed in a list. 

In either case, the user session does not freeze. 

The client was asked if the end-user was able to reproduce the condition, and they were unable to.  They then asked for case closure.