Disable case management in risk auth


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


For risk evaluation "alert" and "deny" results a case is automatically created in the case management system. We don't use any of the case management functionality. Is it possible to disable/turn off all of the case management functionality. If so can you provide the configuration/steps?


Release : 8.2

Component : Risk Authentication


Follow these steps to stop the case generation in Risk Authentication:

1. Stop case management service if its running.

2. Login as global administrator in admin console.

3. Go to BT Organization -> Risk Authentication Configuration sub tab.

4. Click on 'Miscellaneous Configurations' link in left pane.

5. Deselect ALERT and DENY values and select NONE value for the attribute 'Generate Cases For Advice(s)'.

6. Click on 'Update'.

7. Refresh the cache.