Broadcom installation manual review for 8.3.5 to Windows 2019 servers


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CA Business Service Insight


Some discrepancies in the Broadcom BSI Installation Manuals.

At first, the only available manual for multi-tier environment (One database server, one for application and one for Web Server) is the Install CA Business Service Insights on a Multi-Tier Environment. Besides the update information states "Last Updated January 25, 2021", the information on this document is outdated. The last Windows Server mentioned for App is 2016 and for Web is 2012:

Still, there is another manual where I can find an updated list with Windows Server 2019. It is the Implement CA Business Service Insight on a Two-Tier Environment document:

The problem is that this manual is intended for a Two-Tier environment. As you could see in the case 32434716, there are still discrepancies in the Roles & Features list (according to an available list in the Windows Server 2019), and there is no distinction between roles and features that is intended only to the App server and the ones to Web Server: 

I see you guys made some changes to the list after I mentioned in the case 32434716 but there are still all those discrepancies that you can see above. I also realized you removed the "COM+ Network Access" as pre-requisite. Did you remove the because it is not really necessary or because we can't find it anymore in Windows Roles & Features list? I ask that because I could find it in firewall settings:

Review and confirm  the Roles & Features list according to a Windows Server 2019 and with clear distinction between Application Server and Web Server just like I can see in the Multi-Tier Manual.

We are currently configuring our Homologation environment and we are dealing with a lot of problems due to those discrepancies.


BSI in a Windows Server 2019 with Oracle 12.2 that is not listed in the existent documents before document


Release : 8.35

Component : CA Business Service Insight


You can perform 8.3.5 GA installation on top of it, please apply cumulative patch. There is no documentation related to it as Since we certified with on windows 2019 with oracle 19c.

Post installation 8.3.5 GA + cumulative patch on windows 2019,perform below changes

1.Check the application pool in IIS on Windows 2019 you must explicitly enable 32-bit applications(True) and set Managed Pipeline Mode to Integrated

2.%OG_HOME%\bin\stringsloader -a <IIS installated folder>\Inetpub\wwwroot\Oblicore\App_Data\Resources and then run IISRESET


Additional Information

We certified patch with oracle 19c environment but not with oracle 12c environment.

Order of installation:(multi tier environment with 3 servers - DB, Web, App):

1.Roles & Features
3.Oracle 12
4.ODAC 12
5. BSI 8.3.5 ( CA Business Service Insight r8.3.5 - DVD01132432M )
6. Cumulative Patch
7. CA BSI - Adobe Flash Player Replacement
8. BSI Client Installation which is present folder(\Client\CloudInsight8.3_Client.exe)