Request priorities aren’t set correctly on cloned ticket


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CA Service Desk Manager



If the client creates and transferred, the priority isn’t sat as the default value ‘medium (3)’, but as ‘no priority sat (-1)’.

That should be the fallback level, if there’s no default value defined, or an error occurred during the process.

Unfortunately the client can’t see any issue at all.

The 2nd issue: The Workflow-Driven-Approval-Process priority is automatically sat to medium. Although no priority default has been configured.

Why or driven by what setting does that happen? There aren’t any visible action rules for the events.

And if a request ‘without a priority sat (-1)‘ is copied, that copy is created and transferred with priority ‘high (1)‘.


Reproduced Steps

1. Create a Request with no priority selected (Invisible mode)
Note: By default the General information is set to invisible on the ticket hence the priority is invisible
2. Submit the ticket and ensure that the requested is not complete status after submission. Note that the Priority value is defined as : "Priority not set"
3. Copy the same ticket to clone the request and submit the request
4. A cloned ticket is created but the priority value is set to High instead of default Medium


Release : 17.3



A defect has been raised for this issue i.e. DE59491

The issue has been fixed but currently in Code freeze mode and planned for next Patch i.e. RU05.

No ETA is defined as of now of the release of the patch. Please raise case with Support to get more details on the ETA.

Additional Information

Issue was reproduced on the latest environment i.e.